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Praudha ruled for 12 years ; Vfra Narasimha, 12 years.
Then Sahiva Narasimha, 12 years ; Acyuta, 3 years ;
Krsna, 43 years; Sadasiva, 2 years ; and Raniaraya, 24 years.
These seven kings were the lords of the Jewelled-throne.*

"While this Ramaraya was ruling the kingdom, as the
kings of Vijapura, Bhaganagara, and Aniadanagara, having
joined together, killed him treacherously in the dark fortnight
ofMagha in the year Raktak§i corresponding to S. S. 1487,
the city of Vijayanagara fell into ruins.

A. brief account of the kings who ruled subsequently :
After this Ramaraya, Venkatapati with a small army ruled
over a limited extent of territory for B years ; Sri Rangaraya
ruled for 5 years •, then unable to keep their position there
(Vidyanagari), Venkatapatiraya and £ri Rangaraya, the sons of
Ramaraya, retired to Pemigonda, where Sri Rangaraya,
ruled for five years and Venkatapatiraya for 7 years, Rama-
devaraya ruled for 6 years, Muddu- Venkatapatiraya, 5 years,
£rl Rangaraya for 27 years. This branch ends here.f

Those that ruled from Snegondi ; the kinsman of
Ramaraya who was the son-in-law of Krsnaraya, the
sons of Mari-Timmaraya ; Rayalayyaraya and his sons
Pedda-Venkatapatiraya, and Cikka-Venkatapatiraya their

The years of Devaraya

After the rule of IS kings since the time of Harihararaya three Kurub as ruled for
*.. . ,,.years.   Next the Tufrv* Kings roled for ......... years.   Three Coja iings (?) ruled for

^ ----- ywir*.   Th« total amaber of years of the role of the kings of the three dynasties (?).

It fcobvioa* that the author of this explanation did not correctly understand the
*l*aificM«:e of the symbols.   See Introduction for the correct explanation.

* The ori«r of succession, and the number of years assigned to each king are utterly

t                                                                                                    a               *

t The fcccoont is absolutely unreliable,